Not One Yoctofuck

The real world (including most people addicted to Facebook) doesn’t give a yoctofuck* about:

  • the trip you just started;
  • that you were upgraded (or not upgraded) to first class;
  • that you arrived at your destination;
  • the country you’re visiting;
  • the city you’re visiting;
  • the bar you’re visiting;
  • the drink you’re drinking;
  • the breakfast you’re eating;
  • the lunch you’re eating;
  • the dinner you’re eating;
  • the hotel you’re staying in;
  • that you’ve come back from your trip;
  • your qualification as a certified trainer (and downline developer) for some new-age feelgood activity;
  • your dietary religion;
  • a picture of your cat;
  • a picture of your dog;
  • a picture of you standing in front of some landmark; and
  • a variety of other meaningless attempts to self-validate your relevance and collect likes.

And don’t be fooled by likes you get; many (probably including likes given to the link to this post I’m putting in my timeline on Facebook in my final days there) are most likely given to keep up appearances of being a supportive friend. Bullshit in most cases.

*: For non-geeks, a yoctofuck is 1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 of a fuck.

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