Social Media: Making Honesty Seem so 1980

If you spend the amount of time required to create a Facebook persona that securely posits you as the best thing in your field since sliced bread, it’s unlikely that you will have the time to actually live that persona by walking that walk.

I sometimes wonder whether people who post over 50 times each day (sometimes at great length) ever step back for a moment and think about whether people will believe that they are actually walking that walk. Some of these personas are at best harmless fantasies, but some could also indicate a serious addiction to social media and an obsessive need to be liked and looked up to by other social media believers and addicts.

I’ve not got the time for such silliness. My leaving Facebook (the only social media account I have ever had) on September 26 will entail no withdrawal symptoms, since the account is not mission critical to satisfying some need for self-fulfillment.

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