Extreme Measures Could Result in Collapse of the Market

I have often said that, if Trump hinted at making military moves that could plunge the world into war (particularly nuclear war), I would think it reasonable for the US military to march to the White House and explain things to Trump.

It is looking more and more like Trump is intending to interfere with and orchestrate an end to an investigation of himself and the people around him. If that turns out to be likely (and it sounds more likely every day), extreme action might be necessary.

I do not advocate violence, but I would not shed a tear if a US citizen took Trump down in the interest of saving the nation from an even worse crisis. That could result in the right-wing gun nuts and their private militias coming out in an armed revolt against the government. Many might die. But perhaps a major conflict could clear the air. Of course, an attendant problem might be the plummeting of banjo prices, as banjo owners are shot down trying to make America great again.

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