Even Freer Yet

In searching around the web for information about myself, I encountered an orphaned Twitter account that I had not once used. I made it as an experiment and never tweeted one tweet. It turns out, however, that it was not as easy to delete as I thought.

For a few email exchanges, I pretended to believe that the messages from Twitter Support were from human beings (albeit perhaps in Mumbai), but they were singly unhelpful, merely repeating the same sad news that to delete the account I would need to have and use the email account I used when I made the account. Alas, that email account was made at a domain that I no longer own or control. The word from the Mumbaibot was pretty grim, but it was also pretty mistaken. A solution was at hand. I used the password I had in my password cheat-sheet to log in and was able to deactivate the account.

Having killed all my “social media” accounts, I have attained the same status as Jaron Lanier, whose recent book convinced me that the best approach to dealing with behavior manipulation and the like by social media companies is simply to leave all social media immediately.

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