Respected Delusions

If you constantly try to convince people around you that you have a friend only you can see who meets with you in the park every afternoon, more sensible people will assume that you have some sort of mental illness.

If you work in an organization that constantly tries to convince people that they have a friend in the sky who watches over them, the organization will be given tax-free status. Depending upon the organization, you might be provided with a ready supply of children to play with and be transferred to another branch of that organization if you are caught taking advantage of the children kindly made available to you.

I have no use for religions and the people who promote them. Gods are delusions and should never be used to grant organizations teaching those delusions tax-free status or to grant people special respect because of their god delusions. And that doesn’t even address the problem of religions that essentially procure targets for the pedophiles they hire.

Corporations that commit crimes themselves or willfully protect criminals from the law (thereby acting as their accomplices) face punishment themselves; why not religions?

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