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Know Your Masters

I suspect that most Africans who were being sold into slavery and sent to the New World realized almost immediately that they were being traded as products. This is a radical difference from what we see with social media. Too few users of social media realize that they and their every action on social media are products and that they are being encouraged to perform (and are indeed performing) for the benefit of the owners of big data empires. And people who contend that what they get on their side of their Faustian contract with social media companies is worth it either don’t value themselves sufficiently as individuals possessing agency … Continue reading

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No More Help in Sharing to Social Media Company Platforms

I just removed the Facebook share icon from all my blog postings. I have no desire to have anything connected with social media companies on a webpage or blog article that I control. If you must share somewhere, however, it is easy. Just click on the title of the article that you want to share, thereby bringing up just that article in your browser, and then grab the URL for that article in the URL field of your browser. You can then share it anywhere. Knock yourself out, but I am no longer placing icons of social media companies on my blog or any other content that I control.

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Bad Water at My Doorstep

The sign on the door of my hole-in-the wall company (with holes in its walls) read Globally Empowering Language Solutions. The paint was chipped and flaking, and so was I. I’d been through a lot. I was old enough to remember when translations were done by skilled human professionals. But all of that was changed, and I’d learned to live with it. Changes come with the territory, and I was not about to buck the tide. I arrived at the office around 10 am. I would say my desk was in serious disarray but disarray was too kind a word. The phone rang. I managed “Sanjay Noir. What can I … Continue reading

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