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Diversity Policy

If this were a company website with the need to be politically correct, you might see all sorts of hypocritical tripe about diversity here. I couldn't be so cruel as to inflict that torture on my readers.

Evolution works because there is diversity; without it, evolution does not happen. But the inevitable result of evolution is that there are wonderful success stories and utter failures. People who see the need to celebrate diversity should step back a moment and look at the world. If diversity advocates were active 65 million years ago bemoaning the then soon-to-come extinction of dinosaurs, their descendents would not be here to read this webpage and I would not be here to write it.

Almost all of the species that have lived on our planet are now extinct, and there is no reason to believe that evolution is not continuing in the same manner, with almost all of the current species (including our species) destined for extinction. Diversity makes success and failure of species not only possible, but also inevitable.

No amount of legislation will be able to change that reality, nor will it ultimately be able to guarantee outcomes in the competition to survive and succeed. Legislation can certainly attempt to engineer outcomes. But evolution, fueled by diversity, will win out in the end.

A case can be made that human civilization (which started just a few moments ago on the long timeline of the tenure of our species on this planet) is nothing more than mischievous meddling with evolution. You might view that very meddling as a part of evolution. But it can also be seen as a delusion that attaches values judgments to the outcomes of evolutionary struggles that started long before humans started to think about playing around with genes or have delusions about social justice. Some things just don't change, at least during our time as the dominant species on this planet.