Most of the Internet is a deception wrapped in a myth inside a delusion used and believed by blithering idiots.
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About this Website

The Author
Available elsewhere.

Repetition of Content I have Posted Elsewhere
Because of the fragmented nature of the content I post on places like Facebook and the difficulty for even me to search for that content, some of that content will inevitably wind up here, where it can enjoy a longer life and be more easily found.

Some readers might have their "experiences invalidated"
by the content on this website

Some of the content on this website might be a bit distressing to a certain readers. High-risk readers include certain types of Japanophiles, but generally include many type of people who have been sleepwalking for long periods without awakening to what is going on around them. This paragraph will be the last time anything close to a "trigger warning" will be found on this website [written 2015-5-10].

HTML5 Used
Some old browsers might present some of the content on this site differently from what was intended.

Low-Tech Methods Used
Although an occasional graphic is used that was created with Illustrator, all the HTML pages here were created with nothing more exciting than the simple text editors on my computers. No WSYIWYG editors, no website creation software, and no CMS, save for the Wordpress blog that will be started up shortly. I like things simple and like to maintain control of the HTML coding on my pages, as opposed to allowing a piece of software to create bloated HTML that cannot be understood by humans later.